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Free AI Purchasing Manager for Veterinary Clinics

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Automated Purchasing

We automate manual purchasing tasks from a predictive cart to invoice data entry, saving a clinic average 4 hours per week.

Budget Optimization

We provide actionable insights & recommendations to help you hit your budget target

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Learn about new products, answer quizzes and get paid!

Clinic Testimonial

"It has taken so much off my plate and so much time & so much worry"

Robin Post, RVT, Animal Fix Clinic

top vet clinics love highfive

angela ramiro, muttville

"I always felt like I wasn't sure if I was getting the best deal out there. Highfive did all that work for me, leaving me lots more time to focus on program administration. We saved so much money. I would 100% recommend Highfive."

Dr. Lauren Park, Vets in Vans

"Highfive has been a godsend! Not having to allocate staff time on purchasing and saving money on medications is absolutely crucial to our organization."

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Our Mission


We believe that mundane administrative tasks unrelated to the mission of vet clinics is one of the root causes of a high turnover in the industry. Our mission is to make #happystaffhappyhospital by saving staff time & costs in purchasing.

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