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Traditional distributors push the most expensive pet drugs & charge a high mark-up.

We take the opposite approach by connecting you directly with high-quality manufacturers that deliver outstanding value.

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"We saved so much money - $18.2k to be exact"

"I always felt like I wasn't sure if I was getting the best deal out there. Highfive did all that work for me, leaving me lots more time to focus on program administration. We saved so much money - $18.2k to be exact. I would 100% recommend that all shelters work with Highfive."

Angela Ramiro, Muttville

"It helped us to stretch our dollars further."

“The biggest challenge is the cost. We’re always looking for affordable products that are effective, and I don’t have the time to do a lot of research on prices. We were ecstatic about the savings on parasiticide alone, not to mention other products. It helped us to stretch our dollars further. It is definitely worth looking into - you don’t know how much you will save!”

Karen Rabideaux, Eau Claire County Humane Association

Our mission

Bringing transparency into animal drug industry

With our backgrounds in veterinary medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing, we were baffled by how opaque the animal drug distribution industry was and how a small number of large distributors dominated the market. We wanted to change the industry by bringing radical transparency & removing the unnecessary middlemen.

That’s why we started Highfive Vet Wholesale - an AI-powered purchasing platform that connects you directly with manufacturers & allow you to order with a one click on the go. Skip the high markups from traditional distributors, and save money & time spent on purchasing!

- Dr. Kate & Nayoung, co-founders of Highfive Vet Wholesale.